So who are these folks at AppliedGraphics, and what are they up to? AppliedGraphics was founded in 1996 by a couple of avid motorcycle riders named Marshall and Sheri. Marshall has been riding for over thirty years and has also been a member of the BMW motorcycle owners association since 1989. It is important to mention that we provide support and sponsorship for motorcycle safety and bicycle safety programs whenever we can.

BMW helmet

OK, it's the wedding on the bike. What you do is find a somewhat gullible judge and put her, yes "her" in the back of a pickup truck with a CB radio. Then you follow her down the road. She performs the vows over the CB. You perform your vows by handing your CB back and forth between the rider and the passenger. Then you kiss the bride, or put the other way around she kisses the Groom! Yes that is a harley with the mother of the bride in the side car behind us. Her comments after it was all over? "It was fun but I wish we could have gone a little faster".

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